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Connects governmental, corporate, and non-profit partners with innovative ideas to collaboratively address complex 21st-century challenges.

Odyssey is an open source 3D content platform that is designed to redefine the virtual space as well as our physical world. By integrating AI, we enable anyone to unleash the power of their audience as creators.


In Odyssey, your audience can actively participate, generate content, shape the narrative, and connect and engage deeply. This is shifting the traditional unidirectional communication model to a collaborative one.


How We Collaborated


Keyko worked hand-in-hand with Odyssey’s CEO & CTO during the conception and definition of Momentum and its underlying infrastructure.


What We Achieved


Keyko supported Odyssey in analyzing the art of the possible for Momentum’s underlying platform, Cherrytwist. Our role was to advise on architectural decisions and assist with the technical definition of the Momentum architecture.