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Yesterday was a day of confirmations for us. The best day! Our belief in creating products with real impact was validated by hundreds of thousands of users who jumped at the opportunity of owning a piece of the largest decentralized AI Data Network, through the $MASA token public launch.
Masa is the decentralized AI & LLM network, empowering users to own, share, and earn from their data and compute to power AI applications. It is the result of 2 years of focused development and massive traction, brought to life by Masa’s incredible vision, with the support of Keyko’s talented team.

We want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the entire Masa Network team, especially to Calanthia Mei and Brendan Playford for being the tech leaders this space needs. And a great client to work with. Looking forward to continuing supporting your ambitious growth plan!

An overview of Masa’s achievements of these past years:

- Over 1.4 million users have already contributed 41.2 million data points to the Masa Network on testnet ahead of its mainnet launch.
- MASA Community Sale became a record-breaking event on CoinList, being 6 times oversubscribed and sold-out in 17-minutes on March 8th, 2024.
- Masa has been selected by Binance Labs for their incubator program.

How Keyko helped Masa get to over 1.4 million users and win the Binance most valuable builder program of 2023:

- Implemented best practices.
- MVP in weeks.
- Live on 5 chains in 12 months.
- Bespoke creation of zkSBT.
- Product Development Lifecycle.
- Product refinement via User stories.
- White paper co-authoring

We are available to discuss with all founders that have a strong vision of how they want to change the status-quo. We bring reputation, knowledge and skills.

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