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The world’s first enterprise-grade unstoppable data sharing ecosystem.

Nevermined is the world’s first enterprise-grade unstoppable data sharing ecosystem.

How We Collaborated


Keyko incubated Nevermined. It’s one of our babies.

What We Achieved


Nevermined focuses on three core pillars: Data Sharing, Data Monetization and Data Governance. Powering these capabilities is full orchestration for analyzing 3rd party data with Decentralized In-Situ Compute (DISC) and Federated Learning.


About Nevermined


Nevermined is a product that was incubated by Keyko over a number of years and has now evolved into a standalone solution and company focussing on two distinct areas:


  • Data Orchestration Capabilities – Unlock new value streams through collaborative computing platform sharing data that allows your AI, ML and algorithms to leverage your data or your partner’s data, wherever it resides.
  • NFT Marketplace solution – Proven implementations across a number of different industries bringing NFTs to customers looking to leverage the core capabilities of Nevermined built specifically for this purpose.


An established product, Nevermined realises the opportunity to accelerate clients to market with a collection of toolings proven to work together and deliver robust, industrial strength solutions.


Keyko and Nevermined are proven partners working together on solutions – Nevermined deliver the core product and we, at Keyko, then work with you to customise the solution for your specific requirements…


Nevermined Data Capabilities


Data Sharing Ecosystem


  • Allows data monetization
  • Data Publishing and Consuming
  • Decentralized Access Control
  • Free or paid access supported
  • Data Provenance
  • Public or Private blockchain networks


Compute to the Data


  • Data never moves, algorithm goes where data is
  • Consumer never get access to the real data
  • Orchestration of computing pipelines
  • Integration with flexible service agreements
  • Can be run in cloud providers or on-premise
  • Workflow execution monitoring


Data Marketplace


  • Data Governance
  • Search and discovery
  • Data catalog
  • Tokenization and incentives


Nevermined NFT Capabilities


NFT Publishing


  • Decentralized Identifiers (DID)
  • Unlimited storage
  • Monetization through NFT’s
  • Royalties for secondary market sales
  • Split rewards
  • Limited series of NFTs


NFT Consumption


  • Decentralised access control
  • Secondary market sales
  • Full provenance record of the NFT
  • A NFT holder can get access to exclusive contents for holding that NFT
  • ERC1155, ERC721


White Label Marketplace


  • Multiple Networks (ETH, Polygon, CELO, etc)
  • Monetization of the NFT with any ERC20 token
  • File storage in the cloud, IPFS or Filecoin
  • Customisable market fees