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How we used Optimism to build an L2 chain for Mode Network

Mode Network was considering using the new OP Stack to realize their vision of creating a modular Layer 2 chain, focused on DeFi. We got the chance to turn that vision into reality and launch their new Optimism Superchain.


Mode’s ambition was clear. They wanted to create a developer-friendly L2, with a bespoke incentive structure. Plus, it needed to launch fast, fast, fast.


At Keyko we’ve accumulated a broad range of Web3 expertise: from building L1s to smart contract development to integration with Web2 stack. So we put all that to use and contributed on 3 different levels.




  • We analyzed the feasibility of the OP Stack
  • We deployed testnet and mainnet, based on the OP Stack
  • We developed strong partnerships with Optimism and Conduit support teams




  • We created a bespoke Sequencer Fee Sharing model, based on Optimism
  • We built an advanced Airdrop mechanism
  • We integrated Goldsky & The Graph to build a data pipeline for reward payouts




  • We built a Bridge application
  • We supported external developers with onboarding onto Mode


Read the full case study here.