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How we helped Masa get to over 500K users and win the Binance Most Valuable Builder Program 2023.

When Brendan Playford, CEO of Masa, reached out in 2022, we quickly understood he and his team had a beautiful vision: fix the fundamental issue of identity in Web3.


They’d been working tirelessly for 18 months on proof of concepts and were convinced that using Soulbound Tokens was the way forward.


They also realized that going from an MVP to a scalable and stable solution in Web3 is, well, painful. And. Not. That. Straightforward. 😡🎢😫


Plus, with speed being crucial, especially in Web3 there is always the danger of competition snapping at your heels.


To drive forward their plans we were able to help in three distinct ways…


We Shipped


  • Embedded a hands-on team, from Smart Contract Dev to Delivery expert
  • Re-wrote the codebase
  • Developed a bespoke privacy solution

We Streamlined


  • Embedded DevOps and System Architect
  • Re-designed the architecture and codecase
  • Created detailed documentation

We Refined


  • Gained trust from CEO
  • Developed collaborative process with Product team
  • Identified skill requirements


Read the full case study here.

"Keyko has been instrumental in the development, design, delivery and success of Masa, and the game-changing technology we continue to ship to the market at a rapid pace.We have big plans for 2023, and are excited to be working with Keyko on continuing to build the premier web3 identity and soulbound protocol."

Masa CEO, Brendan Playford