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1.4M users and a record-breaking token sale in 24 months of partnership with Masa.

Masa, the decentralized AI and LLM network, is the result of 2 years of focused development and massive traction. Ahead of its network launch, Masa’s users set up 1.4M wallets, generating 40M data points, keeping its accelerated growth with over 51M proprietary data and 1.5M wallets in the following 10 days. The MASA token sale sold out in 17 minutes and was deemed the most anticipated event in crypto in 2024.


We’re proud to say that Masa has trusted us to be their long-term tech partner and bring their vision to life. From establishing best practices to developing some ground-breaking new ERC standards, below are 4 technical building blocks that summarize our collaboration:


1. We built the Foundations


  • Re-designed the architecture and codebase
  • Spearheaded the hiring process and structuring of the Masa team for delivery
  • Live deployment on 5 live networks in 12 months
  • Won the Binance most valuable builder program of 2023


2. We developed zkSBT, a data privacy solution with unparalleled security and a crucial piece of the Masa platform


  • New privacy standard for Soulbound tokens
  • Peer-reviewed at 7th Cyber Security in Networking Conference (CSNET)
  • At the core of new AI/Data Marketplace


3. We expanded the concept from Digital Identity to AI/Data Marketplace


  • Ran a collaborative process with Product team to finetune concept and requirements
  • Created Developer tools: React SDK, Masa Oracle, smart contracts, etc.
  • Deployed a bespoke Avalanche subnet to cater for high volumes of zero-knowledge encrypted data.
  • Over 1.4 million users had already contributed 41.2 million data points ahead of mainnet launch.


4. Mainnet and tokensale


  • Deployed mainnet and testnet
  • Co-authored the white paper
  • Developed token and omni-chain functionality
  • The token sale was 6 times oversubscribed and sold out in 17-minutes.

"Keyko has been instrumental in the development, design, delivery and success of Masa, and the game-changing technology we continue to ship to the market at a rapid pace.We have big plans for 2023, and are excited to be working with Keyko on continuing to build the premier web3 identity and soulbound protocol."

Masa CEO, Brendan Playford