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Learn more about how we helped E.ON innovate, developing a Tokenized Carbon Credit Marketplace, from discovery to delivery in three months.

When E.ON’s innovation team got in touch, we realized we had an opportunity to work with one of the biggest companies in the world and show how you can fix real business problems with Web3 tech.


They didn’t just want us to build. They also trusted our ability to think beyond technology and asked us to help identify a real world use case, with business potential.


The result was a carbon credit marketplace that utilized the on-chain benefits of smart contracts and NFT technology, to make a very antiquated and expensive process more transparent and more efficient.

We took on the challenge with the primary goals to achieve the following…


  • Launch a tokenized Carbon Credit Marketplace
  • Go from Discovery to Delivery in 3 months


To cover all aspects of what was required we broke the challenge down into three distinct areas..


We started with the Business


E.ON wanted to develop a real case based on tokenization, NFTs and blockchain.

  • Use case discovery via workshops
  • Matched features to business problem
  • Created potential new revenue stream


We managed the Process


E.ON trusted us to be the bridge between corporate teams, tech dev and subject matter experts.


  • Embedded Senior Project Manager
  • Gained trust from all stakeholders
  • Faultless translation between tech + product teams


We Shipped

E.ON wanted to develop a working product, focused on key functionalities like transparency & access control


  • Tokenization of CC certificates, with smart contract based access conditions
  • Utilized production-ready components to shorten go-to-market time


Read the full case study here.