DAO Town Logo

DAO Town offers metaverse architectural design to organisations of the future by creating a virtual world for onboarding users to the world of Web3.

DAO Town are nurturing an ecosystem of digital architects, game designers, legal experts, and blockchain engineers, who will together serve Web3 organisations by helping them visualise their offering, mechanics, and governance, thereby helping them attract and retain new members.


DAOTown.com, is a browser-based game that communicates the potential of the DAO and Web3 ecosystem. Combining the aesthetic of city builder and top-down RPG games, DAO Town introduces newcomers to Web3 by allowing them to interact with DAOs in the NEAR ecosystem. This focuses on interfacing with the core functionality of these existing DAOs and creating a quest tutorial to engage new users.


How We Collaborated


Keyko team collaborated with DAO Town to craft an immersive Web3 onboarding experience.


What We Achieved


We designed and built a piece of their Metaverse in Unity and connected it to the NEAR Blockchain to interact with the AstroDAO project.