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An ecosystem of DeFi protocols that foster on-chain trading and liquidity.

Bancor is an on-chain liquidity protocol that enables automated, decentralized exchange on Ethereum and across blockchains. The protocol is made up of a series of smart contracts that are designed to pool liquidity and perform peer-to-contract trades in a single transaction with no counterparty.


Users can stake liquidity on the protocol in exchange for trading fees, and any developer can build a front-end interface that integrates Bancor’s permissionless, user-generated liquidity.


Since 2018, Bancor has processed more than $2 billion in trade volume across hundreds of ERC20 and EOS tokens, with more blockchains to come.


How We Collaborated


Keyko provided Data Analysis and Advisor role for the Protocol, as well as a Full Stack Web3 implementation.


What We Achieved


We achieved a Full Stack Web3 implementation with Smart Contracts and modern Web Application. Our team also contributed adding a DAO like Voting Functionality based on their vBNT Token.


Read our case study here.